Workshops in Hemmingford

The Magic of Colour

The Old Convent, 549 Frontière, Hemmingford

This series of workshops is designed for anyone interested in learning about the many facets of colour. With an emphasis on experimentation, play and intuition, participants will learn techniques to develop their colour sense and composition skills. Examples of artwork that show effective use of colour will be used throughout the course.

We will cover hue, temperature, value, saturation and colour harmony while dealing with common questions such as : why do some combinations “sing”, while others don’t? How do you get that “perfect” green?  Why do my colours end up looking muddy? By the end of the series, you will never look at colour the same way again!

All materials included : acrylic paint, paper, brushes, palettes etc.

All levels are welcome, no drawing or painting experience required!


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(Description en français.)

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